Monday, June 15, 2009

Lazy bones.

I'm so lazy today, it's not funny.
Plus, who starts the week with a management meeting at 8:30am?
And I'm bitter that I haven't had a proper weekend in the last two weeks AND I have to work this weekend. On the upside, I finished two articles today although I think my brain is bleeding internally for that. When you don't want to write...You just DON'T.
But seeing I had better produce something today - it had to be done. Albeit kicking and screaming. Annoying colleagues did not help. There's this guy in my office who keeps saying I have too much make-up on and gives me so much hell if I as much as paint my nails over the weekend. At first, I used to brush him off because I thought he was just teasing. Now, it seems like he's insulting - no, mocking - me underhandedly. What is your freaking problem? Do I mock you on your Proboscis Monkey-like belly that grows by the day? And for the record, I can put on war-paint to work if it pleases me!
Boys are so annoying. Please go away.
And now it's past lunch time and I sincerely cannot be arsed to do any work. I'm so malas. Really. Malas. Today both the spirit and flesh are not willing so rather than producing half-baked work, I'll choose the lesser evil and blog. Let me share photos:

This is my office wall. I keep tidying it up but it's quite futile. It's got press releases, phone
numbers of people I never really call back and to-do lists that keep changing so I don't really know why I have a to-do list to start off with. See that pretty map on right? It's hand-drawn by Haw. I love how it looks like a treasure map. He's so clever. Oh and on the bottom left of my board is the Prayer of St. Michael the Archangel. I turn to him when I need to overcome temptation and in times of sickness. Yeah, the office is evil that way.
It's all about footwear. When I meet clients or
attend meetings, two inch heels do the trick. When
I drive, it's gotta be my Adidas flats so I don't
ruin my heels. But for pure comfort when nobody's looking...It's those furry brown slippers that come to the rescue. Now you know.

My table is messy. I know. But i think 'messy' gives it character, no? After all, what kind of 'creative mind' would I be if everything was organised alphabetically? I got my Fortune Cats waving at me everyday and Strepsils because my throat gets scratchy. The lighter is to light my tea candles and scented oil - because my office is always full of funky smells. And yes, every table needs a novelty Cat Pen.

Yes I am bored. And I'm lazy. One of the worst combinations on a working day. St. Michael, I fervently pray to you to give me the strength to resist the temptation to take a nap at my table right now.

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