Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Dear Job,

It's been exactly four years and a day since we got to know each other. And what a ride it's been. Remember when we first met? I didn't know what to expect but I was lucky to have great colleagues to help me learn the ropes quickly. So much to learn and do that sometimes I felt it was such an uphill battle I would never win.

But through it all, it was important I got to do what I love most: Write. And I later learnt the icing on my cake was the travelling. Oh wow...the places you brought me to! Everyday, I fall in love with Sabah more and more. I love the Tip of Borneo...

And Mataking holds a special place in my heart...

I was actually embarassed at how little I knew about my own hometown! Thank you for opening my eyes. I've also had the chance to see other parts of the world - in your own special way, you created amazing globe-trotting opportunities for me.

Mel does Macau!

Along the Chao Praya river in Bangkok, back in 2004

Fuji-yoshida, Japan in 2005.

Your network is amazing. I can't rave enough about the wonderful people I've met through you. Sure, there have been characters that proved...challenging...but I guess that's what makes being you more colourful. Remember the time I met Ian Wright? It just blew me away to be in the same room with him. Now HE has a dream job!
Sure it hasn't always been easy. Gomantong cave and its roaches will be forever etched as the most terrifying moment for me! Wences, not helping.
I remember working on my birthday at the Tip of Borneo, but being with great workmates made it all worthwhile. Sometimes stress takes its toll but with the right equipment and right people in the office, there are remedies as you can see:

But I must say...I can't complain about other aspects of you, Job. Heh heh. As you can see, it's a tough life sometimes but someone's gotta do it!

My favourite event each year, the Mt Kinabalu International Climbathon. I'm gonna miss the 4am wake up calls!

But the biggest blessing I've had in the last four years is the great bunch of people I work with. Yes, we have our moments but I couldn't ask for a better 'family'. I will miss them greatly.
The Sabah Tourism Women's Futsal Team.

The 2004 Annual Staff Party at Blue Note

Every year, not a single birthday goes by without a thoughtful gesture from my colleagues.

Welcoming 2007 with the most fun-loving and hardworking people I know. They taught me the art of working hard and playing harder!

If I've ever been ungrateful, I'm sorry. The truth is, I will always look back and count my blessings having met you along my path. You are more than a Job to me - you bring me more satisfaction than you'll ever know. Oh, and I do have to thank you for one more thing which I get to keep:

Happy anniversary, Job.

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