Friday, June 01, 2012


Travel. I've never been a hardcore traveller and my curiousity for the world and its wonders began rather late in my life. I think somewhere in my late 20s did I realise reading about places just didn't cut it anymore. I had to be there.

The last 12 months have been challenging. I won't say 'bad' because the glass still looks half full to me. Maybe everything DOES happen for a reason and if it doesn't, repeating that in my head makes everyday bearable, so sue me. In my search for a baby, I might have lost sight of the big picture. Perhaps there were still things to be done, to be experienced, to be shared. Perhaps it was still time to enjoy being just 'me'. In the midst of miscarriages, search for self and anxiety attacks, I picked up a case of wanderlust. Pack your bags, honey. We're taking a trip. Or two. Make it three.

This year, I've already made my way to Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney - all before June. This might be a tad bit ambitious but I'm hoping to make three more trips before the year is out. They don't have to be far and all too exotic - as long as I change the mundane scenery of my purple (yes, purple) office walls. 

Singapore, Feb/March 2012

Southbank, Melbourne, March 2012
Bondi Beach, Sydney, May 2012

I've been hooked on travel magazines, with Lonely Planet Asia being my favourite at the moment. So much so, I've begun my bi-monthly subscription. With each flip, I'm transported to a new place - a place that screams, VISIT ME! Thanks to my stacks of magazines and ample free time, my list is as follows:

1. Greece - the Greek islands have overtaken Ireland as my number one place to visit in this lifetime. Mykonos, Santorini, Athens, Rhodes and then some. By God, this trip will happen before I hit 40. In fact, I'm seriously considering making this my one big trip for 2013. Time to fill those pockets.

2. Ireland - like I said, recently bumped to second. Sorry, Dublin. But it's also a country I've dreamed of visiting since my brother spent 7 years there as a medical student. I never had the chance to visit while he was there. 

3. Beijing - why not? I've been to Xi'an, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Haikou and Sanya to date. Would love to add Beijing (and Shanghai) to that list. It's not my favourite country to visit, but you can't deny it's a place steeped in culture and can be quite beautiful. Just mind the spitting and rudeness. Plus, my sister in law and her husband are currently living and working there. No better reason than to visit family!

4. Bali - The H and I have been talking about this for ages. It's really time to make this happen. Maybe in time for the Ubud Writers Festival this October...

5. Siem Reap - Accessible. Affordable. Awesome. I missed out on a chance to visit Siem Reap with my girlfriends a few years back, am still kicking myself for that. 

6. Dusseldorf - Germany! I never would've considered Germany but now that one of my best friends has moved there indefinitely, this is a good time as any to make my way there.

7. London - I have very little - if any - memory of my childhood in the UK. My family lived there for 4 years but I was only a year old so I have no recollection of my time there. And again, we have relatives to visit so that's always nice.

8. Morroco -  There's something very romantic and mysterious about Marrakesh. Again, I blame Lonely Planet.

9. Turkey - A bit of Europe. A bit of Asia. It's a win-win situation.

And the list continues to grow. Not sure where I'm headed to next but I can guarantee that I've got at least one good trip up my sleeve around August. And babies? Well, let's just say my travel magazines are doubling as an effective birth control method for now. 

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w@nder2nowhere said...

Welcome to the club! Glad that you've caught the wanderlust. Mel do you know that I can be your tour guide to some of these places? *hint*
Let's go to Ubud writer fest together!