Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New year, new you.

Thanks to Yo, I've finally stepped out of the Stone Age and changed my blog look. Okay so it's nothing drastic but it's a start eh? Just a heads up that I might be jumping here and there with my blog design so bear with me.

The only big 'oops' is that I didn't know I would lose all my blog comments. More reason for you guys to leave new ones! Happy new year. Here's to change being a good thing.


Yo. said...

eh? you lost your comments? i didn't know that would happen! sorry!

Fridaycat said...

Small matter, I panicked at first enden I realised you gotta learn to let go of the small things :) Don't worry - at least my blog is pretty! Did you lose your comments too? Maybe I was supposed to save my old layout first or something. Will I lose my comments again if I change to another layout?

JerryInc said...

yeah, she probably took the free independant bloggers compatible template hahahaha..not the ones provided by blogspot hahaha

drudra said...

Hey Mel, I think I know why you've lost your comments... with your previous template - I remember you were using a third party app to manage your comments right? It wasn't the blogger standard comments form.

So to get back your comments, you just need to add that comment app onto this template. Do you remember which app you were using? you should have received emails from the app everytime someone logged a comment on your blog - so just go back to that app and see if you can find out how to add that comment widget to your new blogger template.

hope I didn't confuse you even more!

lemme know if u need help with this.

Fridaycat said...

Dinesh,thanks for that! I think ur right but unfortch, I can't remember which app I used. Lemme jog my memory for a bit and get back to you should I need help. Thanks again!

Jeremy: See? why can't u give constructive comments like that? :P And excuse me, I did use compatible templates thankuverymuch!

hobbit1964 said...

Yes. The blog design is as permanent as the distance between the loudspeakers in your audio set-up. It takes ages to self-convince and even then, we don't see the line past which the laws of diminishing returns set in voraciously.
But it is an indulgent craft is it not?