Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pack light? Me? Please.

There are some things in life, try as I might, I am not able to do:

1. Wear a push-up bra without looking like I had surgery

2. Eat duck and go, "Oh my god, this is DELICIOUS!"


3. Pack light.

Yes, my bag is on the right. The H's is on the left. I don't pack light. Never have, never will, simply because I can't. To quote Sel en route to the gym one day, "Oh my God, are you moving into the gym? What's in your bag? *opens bag* And you don't even have your gym shoes in here!!!"

So yes, I don't pack light. There are several very valid reasons why.

1. Over-prepared VS under-prepared - Seriously, I'd much rather pack a spectacular evening dress that I'm not sure will be put into use rather than showing up at an impromptu dinner event in jeans and yesterday's checkered shirt. No amount of accessories will dress you up in that.

2. Toiletries - I'm not a snob but I'm not a fan of hotel toiletries. I've been to hotels that provide L'Occitane shower gels and yet I'd still rather lug my RM5.50 LifeBuoy anti-bacteria body wash. See?

3. Make-up - Leaving my make-up bag at home is as good as leaving my wallet and passport. Are you kidding me? Face the world bare-faced? Trust me when I say I am doing the human race a favour by putting on make-up before I step out everyday. Scary. Oh and the basic fact that I'm vain of course. No apologies there. (What, you don't know me yet?)

4. Underwear for every occasion - I categorise my undies. Sleep undies, walk-about town undies, nights-out undies, gym undies. And then there are bras....

5. Shoes - On average, I bring 3 pairs of shoes per trip. Walking, heels and flip flops. And if there's a gym, my running shoes of course. So that's four.

6. Variety - indeed the spice of life! I cringe at the thought of being photographed in the same blue blouse throughout a trip. If there's space in the suitcase for a little black dress, a little green dress and a little pink dress, they're going in.

7. Shopping space - You mock me and my large suitcase but I usually have the last laugh when other people are trying squeeze in their last minute shopping into their chihuahua sized bags. Bodo.

and of course...

8. I'm a woman - Ok so it's a stereotype but women generally pack more than men. My husband can fit five days worth of clothes into his backpack. Go figure.

Good thing we have 30 kilos a piece for this trip.

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