Sunday, March 14, 2010

Low fat is phat.

In my quest to look half decent on my wedding day, I've been hitting the gym (not as tough as I thought it would be) and watching my food (tougher than I thought). For Christmas, my parents got me a low-fat cookbook and although I was insulted for a nanosecond, it turned out to be one of the best presents.

With more time on my hands, I've been tapping into my inner Julia Childs and spending more time in the kitchen. Trying low-fat and low-carb recipes, of course. It's been good so far - chicken cacciatore, paprika chicken (gee I wonder what my favourite meat is), penne with tuna in tomato sauce and today's latest -banana oat muffins. Best thing is, I can enjoy them guilt-free. Well, unless I eat a whole pail of it.

Other updates? I'm sick again. I blame the weather. At least this time it's not the flu again. Just an annoying cough and plenty of sexy phlegm. I went to KL and got my wedding dress done. It should be ready by May - or else I'll be wearing white curtains down the aisle. Speaking of which, my pre-wedding photos have arrived but I can only offer this sneak peek:

Anna-Rina did a fantastic job but my only dissatisfaction is my weight issue in the photos. We took these back in January and at the peak of my 'chubbiness'. Which is why this shot above is one of my favourites, haha. At least my ankles look in shape. Three months to go!

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